Natural food


Natural food (Pascale Naessens) - eBook

Striving for simplicity and beauty - Healthy, tasty and not much work in the kitchen. That's pure enjoyment. - Winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris and Beijing. - 60 delicious recipes, but all with the same starting point: respect for yourself. Pascale Naessens is a bestselling culinary author. With her books, she has created a real culinary'movement'. People can enjoy their food again and still lose weight. Her recipes have been praised by doctors and osteopaths alike. She is a genuine cooking revelation and has topped the bestseller lists in Belgium for months - something that no other food writer has achieved before. As an international photo-model, she has travelled the world and regularly works in Paris, Milan, Madrid and Japan. She is especially fascinated by Asia and she followed training as a shiatsu therapist and healthy living consultant. In 2003 her passion for food led her to follow the classical training of a restaurateur. She still attends master classes taught by well-known chefs. As a ceramist, she has designed her own tableware under the name'Pure', which has enjoyed considerable international success. It is all about'creating'. Look, here on earth there isn't actually very much. You have to create it yourself: romance, eating, health, your living environment. A lot of it is up to you. You are the architect of your own world. I apply it everywhere. I strip everything of the extras. I do it with houses, relationships, food, friendships. I strip it down and put it back together again. Pascale Naessens


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  • Formaat : eBook
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  • Auteur : Pascale Naessens
  • Uitgever : Lannoo
  • ISBN : 9789401423670
  • Taal : Engels
  • Pagina's : 194


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